I’m thrilled to announce that More Diverse Voices has partnered with communication agency Catch to help impactful brands build inclusive campaigns that build trust with and empower diverse communities. 

Storytelling is incredibly empowering. It builds empathy, creates communities and catalyses global social movements. But if executed without the right knowledge and intention, it can do more harm than good. It can trigger past traumas, perpetuate harmful stereotypes and oppress underserved communities. This is something brands need to be incredibly mindful of. 

This stuff isn’t easy and day after day we all witness brands tripping up, falling short and coming under scrutiny. However, one of the worst possible outcomes of this is that brands become fearful and stop trying to priorities equality, diversity and inclusion in their messaging. 

At More Diverse Voices we believe alongside equitable practices and policy, businesses have the power to use their platform to help create a fair, diverse and more inclusive world. But they often need a helping hand to do so.

From promoting trans rights and tackling childhood obesity to campaigning for gender equity in finance and driving awareness about dyslexic talent – Catch has done some incredible equality work. Check out their “Work” page, its awesome.

Comment from Catch co-founder Nicole Green

As a duo, we will educate, build strategies and create campaigns with integrity. Our partnership will marry our EDI communication expertise with their creative campaigning experience and help champion even more causes to create tangible change.

We are committed to helping brands be a force to good and this partnership aims to end the practice of “diversity washing”; a marketing practice that seeks to capitalises on historically underserved communities (Black, Asian and minority ethnic people, women and non-binary people, the LGBTQ+ community, disabled people, neurologically diverse people, communities with high poverty rates) movement soley for monetary gain. 

The collaboration will also help MDV scale its impact and reach and will play an integral role in our growth strategy over the next 12 months. 

If you’re interested in hearing more please do reach out to emily@morediversevoices.com , message me on Linkedin or book a meeting directly into my calendar here.

PS a massive thank you to the fabulous Nicole Green and Sam Phillips for this amazing opportunity. 

More Diverse Voices x Catch partner