Communication teams

Sound familiar?

You’re a busy communications team, managing socials, marketing strategies, campaigns and PR.

You know you can use your marketing to create positive change. You know inclusivity is important. But you don’t want to “get it wrong”.

We help communications teams feel comfortable and confident to campaign for change and reach their entire audience.

We do the heavy lifting with our strategy sessions and inclusive content audits. Take out the stress by holding your hand through the process to ultimately empower you to turn your marketing into a movement. 



Designing a long-term communication strategy to help close the pension gap

Female-founded fintech combining all your old pensions into one online plan.

From the State Pension and National Insurance contributions to Automatic Enrolment and the reality of saving when you have to pay for childcare – when it comes to finance women’s lived realities have been passed over. As a result, women in the UK have smaller pension pots than men at every stage of their careers. 

But pension platform PensionBee is trying to change this.

More Diverse Voices worked with PensionBee on a series of workshops to help make the pension system more accessible for women. We delved deep into a range of women’s experiences to understand barriers to saving for retirement through focus groups, individual interviews and surveys. 

The project resulted in an in-depth report, a press release and secured press in x7 news articles. The report influenced the firm’s pension product and marketing ideas over 2022 and beyond.

You can read more about our work here, in Customer Insights Manager Priyal Kanabar blog post on the amazing EDI work at PensionBee.

More Diverse Voices are a dream to work with

“More Diverse Voices are a dream to work with. They take the time to really understand what it is you want to achieve and work collaboratively with you to reach your goals. In our case, this involved running two communication workshops, and producing a strategy doc and report of the findings. The workshops were a great success and saw us receive excellent feedback from the participants, while the quality of the written materials was second to none. I have no doubt this piece of work will continue to inform our thinking for many months to come and I very much look forward to working with Emily again in the future!”
Rachel Oku
VP Brand and Communications, PensionBee

UsTwo Games

Preparing to speak to the press about LGBTQIA+ issues and becoming a good ally

UsTwo Games, the BAFTA award-winning studio and B-Corp.

The team was preparing for the release of its latest game Desta on the global streaming platform Netflix. The game’s protagonist Desta is a non-binary, queer, person of colour. 

More Diverse Voices built an inclusive LGBTQIA+-focused communication strategy and toolkit for the communication and senior management team. We also advised on the script and delivered workshops about LGBTQIA+ representation in the media and how team members can be allies to the community. 

The game release secured LGBQTIA+ focused media coverage in and Gayming Magazine.

Desta has since been nominated for a GLAAD Award for an outstanding video game.

More Diverse Voices are the people to talk to

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5 star rating
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If you’re attempting to create something that touches on any elements of diversity which you don’t have lived experience of, or feel you may have blindspots in, then More Diverse Voices are the people to talk to.

We created a game which tells a highly intersectional story, covering elements of race, gender, and sexuality. We knew we had some blindspots in our knowledge and wanted to make sure we had our script reviewed by experts to ensure we were handling these different elements with sensitivity. More Diverse Voices more than helped us with this, and helped educate us and expand our understanding of LGBT issues.
Micheal Anderson
Producer, UsTwo Games


Incorporating inclusive language across all communication

Wealth of knowledge when it comes to inclusive language

Emily has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to inclusive language, she helped us pull together a huge list of words and phrases that we should avoid and suggested alternates. She flexed her approach to meet us where we were in the process as we had already made some decisions that worked for us. She is professional, personable and a pleasure to work with. I learned a lot from her.
Davina Majeethia
Head of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Nesta