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Allocate funds fairly. Build a diverse and resilient portfolio. Create a more just future.

An inclusive, community-focused learning experience for impact-driven funders looking to equitably allocate funds, support changemakers and build a more just world

We want to transform the funding landscape so that it’s fairer for founders, more effective for funders and better for society.


We want to help historically under-resourced founders and social justice organisations access funds, by reducing the barrier to entry.


We want to help funders remove bias from their funding process and build resilient and diversified portfolios.


We want to help build solutions to some of society’s toughest problems, built by those with lived and learnt experience.

What you’ll get from the Fearless Funding School

Tools and knowledge

Gain the tools and knowledge to allocate funds fairly and engage with your audience.


Boost your confidence so you can fearlessly fund impactful organisations.


Build and implement your own equitable funding allocation and engagement strategy.


Join a community of funders to help you stay accountable.

Learn and implement a fearless funding strategy

Phase 1


The first 8-week sprint serves as the core learning phase of the programme for a cohort of 10-15 funders

  • Case for change
  • Understanding the internal bias hurdles funders face
  • An introduction to justice, equity, diversity and inclusion
  • How unlearn and continue to unlearn your own bias
  • How to implement anti-oppressive policies, practices and procedures
  • How to assess and update your funding offer
  • Inclusive marketing strategy
  • Inclusive writing and content design
  • Posting with purpose
  • Community building

  • Actionable strategy to get there
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Impact measurement
  • 1-1 hour long communications strategy coaching session
  • Collaborative cohort Slack channel
  • Access to our inclusive communication toolkit
  • Accountability buddy to keep you on track

Phase 2


Over the next 8-weeks, participants apply the knowledge and skills gained during phase 1 to real-world projects or challenges within their organisation.

Apply the knowledge and skills gained during the programme to real-world projects or challenges within your organisation.

Coaching sessions and check-ins are conducted to monitor progress, address challenges and provide additional assistance as needed.

Participants maintain accountability partnerships established during the programme, providing mutual support, encouragement and accountability.

After two months of the implementation phase participants will update the cohort on their progress and share key learnings

  • Collaborative cohort Slack channel
  • Access to our inclusive communication toolkit

Can you help us? 🛠️

We are currently in course build-mode.

We are looking for funders – from VC and private equity to charitable foundations and research grant givers – to share their experience of the current funding landscape with us.

If you’re interested please fill out this super short (2 minute) survey.