Over the past, LinkedIn has transformed into an incredible storytelling platform that is now home to inspiring advocates for social change. 

Some of my personal faves include:

Their content has changed my life and the lives of others around them. 

All of these people started with a commitment to share their story and knowledge on LinkedIn. However, sharing our story with the world can be pretty nerve wracking. I know, as this is something I’ve had to consciously work on (and to be honest I still am).

One of the hardest things, as with literally any new habit, is starting.

So I have created an 8-week LinkedIn challenge to help you build that habit and confidence.


The guidelines:

  1. Post once a week for 8 weeks on LinkedIn at the same time/day. Create a calendar invite in your diary to remind yourself – add me to it!
  2. Write about any topic that you fancy – a news story that you’d like to comment on, a personal experience you’d like to share, a post about who you are and what you care about. Only share what you are comfortable sharing. 
  3. Write as much or as little as you want. Do what feels right. This is not about writing the most effective or viral post ever, it’s about starting a sustainable habit
  4. Ask for support and shoutouts when you need them by tagging friends and family 
  5. Don’t stress about hashtags, images, or emojis
  6. If you want a weekly cheerleader @ me (Emily Horton) and @More Diverse Voices and I’ll hype you up
  7. Reflect at the end – either in a post or in the privacy of your bedroom 

How to join the 8-week challenge?

Feel free to start whenever you like! But if you need that extra bit of support DM me or email me: emily@morediversevoices.com with the following info:

  • Your email address
  • The weekly time you would like to post. I’ll set up a calendar invite reminder
  • I’ll also read and make recommendations for your first post, to help you get started!

This is how I started. No elaborate content plan or pretty carousel Canva designs. Just a commitment to writing each week. 

Since starting none of my posts have gone viral and I don’t have thousands of followers, BUT this process built a habit of regular posting which has led to:

  • New clients 
  • Speaking opportunities 
  • A growing network of awesome people 
  • Built my confidence as an expert 

Remember: Your story matters. Your voice matters. You matter.