Human rights charity ending child trafficking and exploitation

Love146’s primary focus is to provide a frontline service for one of the most vulnerable communities in the world: young people who have been trafficked or who are at risk of being trafficked. 

However, with an increasingly hostile environment for migrants and refugees, the charity has decided to lobby and campaign more actively on behalf of the individuals it works with. This means interacting with the press, supporters, donors and funders and public authorities, to ensure that their stories and experiences are heard.

To do this effectively Love146 needs to build a concrete communication strategy to use across the organisation, both internally in regards to its own policies and procedures, as well as to external audiences.

Building on the charity’s in-house expertise, More Diverse Voices helped Love146 develop its communication strategy by delivering a 3-hour co-designed communication workshop with the charity’s entire UK team.

“We had recently increased the size of our team and this was the first full meeting since the start of the pandemic. We were looking at finding ways to ensure that we could ensure everyone felt comfortable contributing to the communications strategy and where we needed to focus in a collaborative environment.

We found More Diverse Voices to be an excellent way of getting the team to think not only about their own thoughts but how those thoughts related to everyone else’s and could feed into ways in which we could improve how we, as an organisation, could better communicate our aims and objectives to the wider public.”
Peter Dolby
UK Director of Operations, Love146