Inclusive consultancy and training platform for neurodiverse talent

Despite the fact that 1 in 7 people in the UK are neurodivergent, our workplaces and hiring processes are still designed in favour of neurotypical people. Indeed, a recent study by the Institute of Leadership and Management, found that half of leaders and managers would not employ a neurodiverse person.

We need to break down barriers to entry for many roles that may intimidate or discriminate against neurodiverse talent. One of the many ways we can do this is to build up the skill set, knowledge and confidence of neurologically diverse people looking to enter the workforce. This is where the social enterprise, inclusive consultancy and training platform Bua comes in. 

Bua offers free online training to support even more neurodiverse people into creative industries. The creative industries, like many, are sorely lacking in inclusion and diversity and are desperate to improve. By working in an accessible way to upskill neurodiverse people with previously unrecognised creative potential, Bua supports more people into sustainable employment. 

More Diverse Voices worked with Bua to build an accessible “PR and Communication” e-learning course. The course provides a foundational overview of the public relations industry, core skills such as writing a press release, pitching to journalists and creating a communication strategy. 

“Emily smashed our Bua project, providing thorough training materials of communications and PR roles for disabled and neurodiverse trainees. She delivered above and beyond content and deliverables and was able to easily adjust and accommodate for changes through the process.
Caitriona Snell
Founder, Bua